Alpha Global Sushi Bar

April 26th, 2013. Alpha Global Sushi Bar   In Vancouver you definitely have to have sushi!  It's a must. Like, really. I mean it! To kick off our spring break I took us to Alpha Global Sushi Bar. Yelp and other food reviews have almost always steered me in the right direction and I'd been … Continue reading Alpha Global Sushi Bar


California (Galleria Jinju)

November 25th, 2011. Hello, Jinju           After a nice tour around a bit of downtown Jinju we headed back to Galleria for some lunch. Korean sushi seemed like a good idea, so we headed in to California.             The owner must have had exposure to North … Continue reading California (Galleria Jinju)

Village Sushi – Seattle

October 22nd, 2011.  Seattle Trippin'         I was due to make a trip down to see Henry.  He'd missed Thanksgiving, so this was a good time to go down to visit him and spend some quality sister-brother time.               After some coffee at Cafe on the Ave, … Continue reading Village Sushi – Seattle