Sanfords Restaurant – Astoria, NY

March 4th, 2011.  Sanfords Restaurant So I'm here so often that I'm just going to put a few items together. First we have the Yellowfin Tuna Tartare: the tuna is marinaded in a sesame soy sauce which enhances and brings a richness, is topped off with the lovely house guacamole, and served atop a cucumber … Continue reading Sanfords Restaurant – Astoria, NY


tuna & artichoke casserole

October 10th, 2010.  Tuna & Artichoke Casserole!   It was Sunday night, Mom was coming home late due to church stuff, so it was just me and Henry at home.  I had been craving casserole I thought why not try my hand at making one!  So off I went to do some grocery shopping … Continue reading tuna & artichoke casserole