Capstone Tea & Fondue!

March 23rd, 2013. Capstone Tea & Fondue            Since we couldn't sit down for teas and treats at Soirette we headed over to Capstone Tea & Fondue on Robson instead.  Nab just started working here as the manager and I wanted to be supportive of his new job.         … Continue reading Capstone Tea & Fondue!

Soirette Macarons & Tea

March 23rd, 2013. Soirette     A girls' day with Anita calls for something special... Soirette!  On the West End at towards the end of Pender before you hit Stanley Park territory, this newish macaron and high tea place is tiny, but perfect for girly girls who love macarons!             … Continue reading Soirette Macarons & Tea

DAVIDsTEA Tea Latte!

January 4th, 2013. Tea Lattes at Work~!    Since working at DAVIDsTEA I've really gotten into tea lattes and have to admit I make them pretty well!  I never used to be for soy milk...but soy milk has gotten  tastier since they first came on the scene and I make a mean tea latte ;D  Big … Continue reading DAVIDsTEA Tea Latte!

Caffe Divano – Port Moody

August 28th, 2012.  Caffe Divano - Port Moody            My usual Spanish Latte at Caffe Divano~ a gorgeous cup of velvety espresso and condensed milk.  Probably my favorite drink here until they get the Maple Latte 😉

Caffe Divano – Port Moody

June 14h, 2012. Afternoon Coffee At Caffe Divano     Caffe Divano is really my favorite little neighborhood cafe in Port Moody.  With their 49th Parallel coffee, carefully handcrafted and highly caffinated drinks and always the great aroma of in house freshly baked goods it's always nice to come here.           … Continue reading Caffe Divano – Port Moody

Bel Cafe @ Hotel Georgia (Downtown Vancouver)

June 3rd, 2012. Bel Cafe Again~         Round 2 with Anita (la petite foodie) at what seems like our girl-chat headquarters, Bel Cafe at Hotel Georgia!                 Latte latte latte!  Smooth, creamy and warm.  Comfy, cozy and bitter-sweet 🙂               … Continue reading Bel Cafe @ Hotel Georgia (Downtown Vancouver)

Xi Shi Lounge – Shangri-La Hotel (Vancouver)

May 2nd, 2012.Tea Time in Vancouver   Enjoying tea time with Jamal at Xi Shi Lounge at the Shangri-La Hotel in dowtown Vancouver.  One of the city's swankiest and chic-est hotels and such a tranquil a pretty place to be 🙂  The cute waitress was dressed in a cheongsam and even brought us some yummy … Continue reading Xi Shi Lounge – Shangri-La Hotel (Vancouver)

Tracycakes Bakery Cafe Luncheon

April 6th, 2012. Lifegroup Girls' Easter Luncheon       Us girls in Lifegroup wanted to take the opportunity of a long weekend to get together and bond over tea, lunch-stuff, cupcakes, etc.. Hello, Easter Long Weekend!         Fortuitously we were blessed with an amazingly sunny day! After another long and gloomy … Continue reading Tracycakes Bakery Cafe Luncheon