Sunday Starbucks

November 6th, 2011. Sunday Starbucks   Nothing like a good cup of coffee to keep the day going in between services.  Took a quick coffee break with Youn-Ho, my TA in IMPACT, Hebron's English Youth Ministry.  He's never had a Whoopie Pie before so we got one of those and I had a delicious White … Continue reading Sunday Starbucks

Sunday Snackin’

October 16th, 2011.  Sunday Snackin'          Peppercorn Pate, Olives, Aged White Cheddar, Cajun Seasoning, and Tortilla Chip Cups.  I wanted to make morsels of deliciousness!             Carefully building the cups.  A little pate, some chopped olive, sprinkled with some grated cheese and some seasoning on top!  Pop … Continue reading Sunday Snackin’