Earl’s Kitchen & Bar (Downtown Vancouver)

April 28th, 2013. Sunday Lunch at Earl's     After a lovely service at Coastal Church downtown Robert & I took advantage of the easy Sunday morning with a walk around Coal Harbour. With a view like this, how can you get tired of downtown?         We figured the best way to … Continue reading Earl’s Kitchen & Bar (Downtown Vancouver)

Dinner at The Keg (Coquitlam)

August 23rd, 2012. Dinner at The Keg  With Yire going to New York for a few weeks and us not knowing how long she'd be staying with us we figured we'd been pretty neglecting housemates for the last couple months, what with work being so crazy.  Also, Henry was only up for a few days so … Continue reading Dinner at The Keg (Coquitlam)

Earls (Downtown Vancouver)

May 6th, 2012. Steak for Lunch at Earls Downtown         Despite being a gloriously sunny day the one downer was that my new friend Robert was flying back home to California today 😥  His contract work here done it was time to pack up and go.  Since I volunteered to drive him … Continue reading Earls (Downtown Vancouver)

Korean Air Prestige Class – Dinner

November 28th, 2011. Leaving Korea...         As expected, Korean Air doesn't disappoint with another bang-out delicious meal!               Appetizer of Feta Cheese with Sliced Fig & Parma Ham.  I was surprised that a Korean airline was serving fig!  Anyways, this was delicious 🙂         … Continue reading Korean Air Prestige Class – Dinner

St. Augustine’s Brew Bar and Kitchen on Commercial Drive

November 5th, 2010. St. Augustine's Bar on Commercial   After an exhilerating night at the Passion World Tour we were famished!! Time to find some eats in the middle of the night..!  It was way too packed downtown so we took the skytrain back about half-way to Commercial Drive where we found a place that was … Continue reading St. Augustine’s Brew Bar and Kitchen on Commercial Drive

Cactus Club Cafe – Post Workout Dinner

September 30th, 2010. Post-Workout Dinner: Cactus Club Cafe   It's a known fact: a post-workout appetite is the WORST for ruining your self-resolve in terms of diet.  Now, I'm not on a diet, but after a workout I'm as hungry as if I were.  After a productive workout session with Nabil we headed over to the … Continue reading Cactus Club Cafe – Post Workout Dinner

Dinner at Home: Steak & Potatoes

August 11th, 2010. Dinner at Home with Jenn & Henry~!     So Brother came back from Kitsumkalum and with Mother still away we had to fend for ourselves...Never fear, we are a dynamic duo!!  We definitely didn't have to worry about starving to death..especially since Mother made sure to stock up and freeze premade stuff!  Tonight's dinner: Pan … Continue reading Dinner at Home: Steak & Potatoes

steak & peach spinach salad a la jenn

July 29th, 2010. jenn makes a salad! Spinach Herbed Goat Cheese Lime, Olive Oil, Cracked Pepper, Garlic Medium Rare Steak Honey, Balsamic Viniagrette, Pinch of S&P and Olive Oil Dressing (Just whatever's kicking around at home! The steak is resting..taking a nap..whatever the terminology is..!)       Grilled the steak on the stovetop in a pan … Continue reading steak & peach spinach salad a la jenn