First Latte of the Year!

January 1st, 2013. Happy Birthday to the Best Sister Ever!      After enquiring into several places I was finally able to find a place that was open for brunch on New Year's Day!  Special day, special birthday; what better way than to celebrate it with a special meal!   Since Red Wagon doesn't take reservations … Continue reading First Latte of the Year!

Starbucks Thirst-Quenching Refreshers!

July 12th, 2012. Starbucks Refreshers!   Starbucks has come out with these thirst-quenching refreshers that are made with fresh fruit and green coffee extract, giving you that caffine boost in a juice form. Cool Lime & Very Berry Hibiscus.  I enjoyed the flavors of Cool Lime more, but I found both to be sweet, very … Continue reading Starbucks Thirst-Quenching Refreshers!

Starbucks MGM Grand (Las Vegas)

April 14th, 2012. Vegas Business Trip Day 1     So while we were waiting for the bosses at the MGM Grand Ms. Vivian and I figured it was DEFINITELY time for a coffee break.  You'd be surprised that coffee is not really al that prevalent here in actually have to go hunt it … Continue reading Starbucks MGM Grand (Las Vegas)

Sunday Starbucks

November 6th, 2011. Sunday Starbucks   Nothing like a good cup of coffee to keep the day going in between services.  Took a quick coffee break with Youn-Ho, my TA in IMPACT, Hebron's English Youth Ministry.  He's never had a Whoopie Pie before so we got one of those and I had a delicious White … Continue reading Sunday Starbucks

Starbucks – Uptown Manhattan

March 15th, 2011.  Exploring Manhattan     Enjoying a morning Starbucks on the Upper East Side before going to Central Park. Extra Hot 4-Pump Caramel Machiatto and one of their new anniversary delights, a Lemon Square!  Just the way to start the day       After a stroll around Central Park I needed some more … Continue reading Starbucks – Uptown Manhattan

Cranberry Bliss Bar (Starbucks)

November 2nd, 2010. Morning at the Office       Mmmmmmm...mornings are always hard......but with my favorite Cranberry Bliss Bar and a morning latte I can somehow get through the day.....   I wish they had the Cranberry Bliss Bar all year long...soft gingergread goodness with that sweet sweet icing and sweetly tart GOOD!