Homemade Strawberry Pie-Cake!

March 5th, 2013. Lifegroup~            It doesn't feel like a complete week without our weekly lifegroup evenings 🙂     Carmi is so sweet and always makes a point of having some sort of goodies when she and Evangel host.  Tonight she made this awesome Strawberry Pie-Cake!  Looks like a pie, but … Continue reading Homemade Strawberry Pie-Cake!

Thierry Macarons~ ♥

November 6th, 2012. Thank You, Yuni~              My lovely sister picked me up some lovely Thierry Macarons as a gift to cheer on my tea-studying!                   The perfect accompaniment for a sunny autumnal afternoon sipping some coffee, listening to Christmas music and … Continue reading Thierry Macarons~ ♥

Tea Shop 168 – Willowdale (North York, ON)

August 19th, 2012. Tea Shop 168 - Willowdale (North York, ON)          Finally able to take a little time to ourselves, Yire and I ventured out of our nice hotel room at Novotel and took a walk down Yonge Street.  We saw Tea Shop 168 and looked at each other...Bubble tea??  Yes, please! … Continue reading Tea Shop 168 – Willowdale (North York, ON)

1AM 7-Eleven Run~

June 13th, 2012. 1AM 7-Eleven Run~     There's no helping it..when you get that sudden self destructive cravin of donuts, chili cheese dogs, pop and chips....you just gotta go and get it!  Lucky for us when one person wants to go the others are almost relieved that they aren't the only one with midnight … Continue reading 1AM 7-Eleven Run~

Jook Hyang Traditional Tea Centre (Jinju) – 죽향차문화원

November 27th, 2011. Sunday with Mom & Dad               죽향 차문화원 (Jook Hyang Traditional Tea Culture Centre) is a little oasis in the condensed city area of Jinju.                     It's a multiple story building with one floor being a gallery and … Continue reading Jook Hyang Traditional Tea Centre (Jinju) – 죽향차문화원

YVR Plaza Premium Lounge

 November 18th, 2011. Leaving For Vietnam~!!!     So I was chosen to go on a business trip to Vietnam as a media rep from our company with a group of Travel Agency owners and the director of Korean Air here in Vancouver. It’s a pretty tall order, but I’m excited about getting the opportunity to … Continue reading YVR Plaza Premium Lounge

Sunday Snackin’

October 16th, 2011.  Sunday Snackin'          Peppercorn Pate, Olives, Aged White Cheddar, Cajun Seasoning, and Tortilla Chip Cups.  I wanted to make morsels of deliciousness!             Carefully building the cups.  A little pate, some chopped olive, sprinkled with some grated cheese and some seasoning on top!  Pop … Continue reading Sunday Snackin’


July 23rd, 2011.  Window Shopping & Frozen Yogurt~!         Ever since I discovered my love for Pinkberry I'd been  experiencing severe cravings.  I thought I'd try to satiate that craving by having some froyo at Qoola at Metrotown.             I added cinnamon toast crunch cereal, mochi and madarine … Continue reading Qoola

Baohaus – LES

February 24th, 2011. I  Baohaus   Baohaus Baohaus Baohaus!!! I'd heard about this place via  "food in mouth", a smart, sarcastic, hilarious and incredibly delicious food blog by an NYCer. Let me say this off the bat: I Love Bao. What can you not love about a pillowy soft bite-sized bun that's filled with delicious meat, sauce … Continue reading Baohaus – LES