SURA Korean Cuisine

February 16th, 2012. SURA Korean Cuisine         A rainy mid-February day sniffing out some business downtown with my fave co-worker, Ms. Vivian! After striking out at a few places we figured it's time to grab some lunch.                 Ms. Vivian suggested we check out SURA … Continue reading SURA Korean Cuisine


New Years With The Choi’s

January 1st, 2012.New Year's Day With Family     It's been a long time since I've had a proper Korean New Year's Day. Another great perk of having relatives here now!   Everyone dressed up in their beautiful traditional clothes, paying respects to each other, speaking blessings into each others lives and gathering around the … Continue reading New Years With The Choi’s

Vault Restaurant

December 30th, 2010. Pre-NYE Dinner~     I love my Relate/Ignite friends.  We've really grown closer the last year and our bonding happens a lot over food!  We definitely wanted to all get together for a dinner to celebrate the holiday season.  After a lot of consideration and last minute decisions we finally settled on Vault Restaurant in … Continue reading Vault Restaurant