Genji Sushi – North York

May 17th, 2012. Last Day in Toronto     Final day in Toronto...the meetings don't stop, but with the support of our head office colleagues we power through the last of the meetings.  After a very amiable meeting with some potetial sponsors we were invited to have lunch with them at Genji Sushi nearby.  Eating?  … Continue reading Genji Sushi – North York

Guu Otokomae Gastown

July 18th, 2011.  Guu Otokomae Gastown Reunion~~       I love my childhood friends.  So many amazing memories, innocent friendships and fearless adventures.  Thank goodness for Facebook for keeping me in touch with friends from even 20 years ago!!    A few years back I had unexpectedly run into my childhood BFF, "Namoo Bark"'s kid-sister, Michelle in New … Continue reading Guu Otokomae Gastown

HaruHana – K-Town, NYC

February 25th, 2011.  Late Night Dinner at HaruHana on W 32nd   After a 10~12 hour work day we just wanna get out of work and eat something!  With Min Obba there's no hesitation about it.  His philosophy: "If you need to eat, then eat!  Nothing worse than feeling like a beggar after a long … Continue reading HaruHana – K-Town, NYC

Suika Snack Bar

December 18th, 2010. Izakaya Christmas Dinner @ Suika        Unconventional? Yes.  Perfectly west coast?  Absolutely!  I was invited to a Christmas dinner by a bunch of new friends to this new up and coming Izakaya place, Suika.  Suika=Watermelon.  Heh 🙂           The appeal of this place is that it's not located … Continue reading Suika Snack Bar

Kura Japanese

October 26th, 2010. Kura Japanese       Rachel just got back from her very first Vegas trip so of course we had to do a meet-up!  It was so sweet of her to get me some cactus tea from her side-trip to the Grand Canyon as well as a postcard of the Vegas strip … Continue reading Kura Japanese

Umami Sushi (Surrey)

September 28th, 2010. Umami Sushi with Eleazar   We kept saying we would..and then it would always get postponed...FINALLY Eleazar and I were able to sit down for some sushi & a chat!  He told me this place is pretty decent..Well, with a name like Umami my tastebuds better be surprised!  (Hehe..just kidding, no pressure!!) … Continue reading Umami Sushi (Surrey)

Guu Garden on Nelson

April 9th, 2010. At Guu Garden With Rae Teh!     Rachel had really been wanting to try Guu Garden, the newest Guu location, so off we went!  In truth..I was still quite upset that I had failed to bring my camera a couple days ago when we had lunch at Guu Garlic with Liz, Yumi … Continue reading Guu Garden on Nelson