Birthday Brunch @ Red Wagon Cafe

January 1st, 2013. Best Birthday Brunch @ Red Wagon Cafe! Happy Birthday, Eunice!!  A great sister deserves to start off the year right.  Who doesn't love brunch and who doesn't want brunch from a little cafe made famous on the food network?  But even before Red Wagon Cafe was featured on Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-Thrus and … Continue reading Birthday Brunch @ Red Wagon Cafe

Samgyupsal Party~!

February 17th, 2012. Samgypsal Party~         In honor of us siblings all being together again Eunice initiated an at-home samgyupsal party!  Yes, that's right.  Korean bacon, pork belly...aka Samgyupsal!               Bring out the Bluestar, put down the newspaper...and bring on the meat pants!         … Continue reading Samgyupsal Party~!

Edible Canada at The Market DINE OUT!

January 22nd, 2012. Edible Canada at The Market (Dine Out)       There's little that can beat a delicious meal at a nice location with amazing friends for a great price. Dine Out Vancouver? Many people all over the Greater Vancouver Area appreciate that you make love happen     Tonight's love-feast was at Edible … Continue reading Edible Canada at The Market DINE OUT!

Trying to Cook Korean (순두부찌개)

November 11th, 2011. Snowy Day~~     Wow, snow falling~! It made me suddenyl have the urge to cook one of my favorite Korean dishes, Soon-doo-boo Jji-gae (Silky Tofu Stew). Since I've never cooked Korean food before I was feeling a bit goes nothing!!   Here's how the process went:  Used beef stock as … Continue reading Trying to Cook Korean (순두부찌개)

Guu w/ Garlic

August 21st, 2011.  Foodie Weekend: Day 2           After a quick pre-eats takoyaki at a nearby Korean bar, Daniel, Don and I went to Guu with Garlic for some real eats  ;D  My favorite Guu location, it's right on Robson street and has great bar seating overlooking the chefs.    I always … Continue reading Guu w/ Garlic

Momofuku Noodle Bar – East Village

May 19th, 2011.  Momofuku Noodle Bar       Meeting DLee for the first time for an evening of fun in the East Village!  We had discussed a few different options for dinner, but in the end came to a consensus to make first impressions over Japanese ramen.  I know.  2 in a row.  But hey, … Continue reading Momofuku Noodle Bar – East Village

Ippudo NY

May 12th, 2011.  Ippudo NY     My next great eating adventure, Ippudo NY!  Just as much as the Japanese Ramen culture is booming in Vancouver, the Japanese Ramen culture had already taken root in NYC and Ippudo has been one of them that's paved the way.  Located in the little Japanese district of East Village, … Continue reading Ippudo NY

Colicchio & Sons – Chelsea

March 3rd, 2011. Dinner at Colicchio & Sons If you know me and my TV viewing habits you'll know that I love Top Chef on the Food Network. Not having cable is killing me because I can't watch my favorite shows.  Anyways, ever since my summer trip to NYC last year and eating at Morimoto I'd … Continue reading Colicchio & Sons – Chelsea

Baohaus – LES

February 24th, 2011. I  Baohaus   Baohaus Baohaus Baohaus!!! I'd heard about this place via  "food in mouth", a smart, sarcastic, hilarious and incredibly delicious food blog by an NYCer. Let me say this off the bat: I Love Bao. What can you not love about a pillowy soft bite-sized bun that's filled with delicious meat, sauce … Continue reading Baohaus – LES

Guu Garden on Nelson

April 9th, 2010. At Guu Garden With Rae Teh!     Rachel had really been wanting to try Guu Garden, the newest Guu location, so off we went!  In truth..I was still quite upset that I had failed to bring my camera a couple days ago when we had lunch at Guu Garlic with Liz, Yumi … Continue reading Guu Garden on Nelson