Girls’ Night at Milestone’s (Langley)

April 24th, 2013. Girls' Night! A much needed night out with my girls! A light dinner at Milestones included the Baked Goat Cheese and Roasted Garlic plate. Wow!! When you go to Milestones you are really just there for the atmosphere and the company because for the most part you're going to be let down … Continue reading Girls’ Night at Milestone’s (Langley)

Lunch @ La Spaghetteria (New Westminster)

February 19th, 2013.  Luncheon @ La Spaghetteria (New West)         I was meeting a couple former colleagues at Spaghetteria for lunch.  It had been a while since I'd last seen them and Ms. V had coupons to this place located on New West's foodie street aka 6th Street.           … Continue reading Lunch @ La Spaghetteria (New Westminster)

Lasagna Casserole

June 10th, 2012. Post-Whistler Meal   Threw together a Lasagna Casserole with spicy Italian sausage, lots of spinach, tomato sauce and cheese topped with more cheese and some italian bread crumbs.  Yum! I call it a casserole because I didn't really layer the lasagna sheets.  I just broke them down and tossed it with all … Continue reading Lasagna Casserole

Campagnolo on Main

May 24th, 2012. Campagnolo Group Dinner Nearly impromptu meet-up with some friends for an early-ish dinner at Campagnolo. Since my first experience last year I've loved this small, casual, high-in-demand, delicious place tucked away on the outskirts under the eaves of Main Street. With a handful of foodies mixed into the group we made a flurry … Continue reading Campagnolo on Main

Roasted Chicken Creamy Lasagna

February 9th, 2012. Roasted Chicken Creamy Lasagna         It's been a while since I've cooked and I was craving some I picked up a few things at the store to go with what I already had at home.             Heavy Cream, Marinated Artichokes, Spinach, Smoked Gouda and … Continue reading Roasted Chicken Creamy Lasagna


September 16th, 2011. Dinner at Campagnolo~!      Special Situations Dan was back in town for some more business, which means...more amazing eats!!  For day 1 we wanted to do some Italian, so I suggested one of Vancouver's most talked about restaurant: Campagnolo!  They don't take reservations, and there's always a wait..but hey, as foodies, … Continue reading Campagnolo

Basta Pasta – Flatiron District in NYC

January 16th, 2010. Birthday Dinner at Basta Pasta!! So for my birthday aunt and uncle invited me out to Basta Pasta for dinner. Now this isn't your average pasta place. It's a Japanese pasta place! Sure enough, at a cursory glance the menu looks Italian but upon closer inspection there are some small twists and … Continue reading Basta Pasta – Flatiron District in NYC

Anton’s Pasta Bar

November 21st, 2010.  Johnny's Anton's Pasta Birthday this the first year we're not making Johnny a home-cooked birthday dinner?? Wow....!!  Well, it took us long enough to decide on where to go!  It got to the point where Johnny didn't even care anymore, he just wanted to get going because he … Continue reading Anton’s Pasta Bar