230 Fifth Rooftop Lounge/Bar

May 25th, 2011. Last Fun in NYC: 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar!         My last real night in NYC.....had to have one last hurrah!  Eric and Olivia had been saying that we NEED to check out one of NYC's great rooftop bars/clubs..so we decided on one close by on 5th Avenue called 230 Fifth.  … Continue reading 230 Fifth Rooftop Lounge/Bar

Spot Dessert Bar – East Village

May 19th, 2011.  Spot Dessert Bar      After some bar hopping I definitely needed some dessert.  Luckily, D knew just the right spot: Spot Dessert Bar!  Seriously, the Japanese know how to do it up.  Tiny little almost-basement space, again with the wooden tables and benches.  With ice cream toppings like fresh fruit, cookies, foam, and other interesting choices, it's too … Continue reading Spot Dessert Bar – East Village

Momofuku Noodle Bar – East Village

May 19th, 2011.  Momofuku Noodle Bar       Meeting DLee for the first time for an evening of fun in the East Village!  We had discussed a few different options for dinner, but in the end came to a consensus to make first impressions over Japanese ramen.  I know.  2 in a row.  But hey, … Continue reading Momofuku Noodle Bar – East Village

Ippudo NY

May 12th, 2011.  Ippudo NY     My next great eating adventure, Ippudo NY!  Just as much as the Japanese Ramen culture is booming in Vancouver, the Japanese Ramen culture had already taken root in NYC and Ippudo has been one of them that's paved the way.  Located in the little Japanese district of East Village, … Continue reading Ippudo NY

Pinkberry – Midtown Manhattan

May 8th, 2011.  The New Love Of My Life   Swirling at Pinkberry in K-Town NYC with Litchi Frozen Yogurt with Blackberries and Honey ♥   I'm not much of an ice cream person.  I love the idea and the multitude of combinations and flavors that such a canvas as ice cream can support..but I'm … Continue reading Pinkberry – Midtown Manhattan

La Lanterna di Vittorio – Greenwich Village

May 6th, 2011.  A Night In The City         Another magical night in the city.  Thank GOODNESS the weather has finally gotten warmer!  Even though it was late at night the air was still fairly warm.  I almost forgot how stinkin' freezing it had been for the past 4 months.....hahahaha!       … Continue reading La Lanterna di Vittorio – Greenwich Village

Koryodang – Koreatown, NYC

May 2nd, 2011.  Cake Time~~~       After a dinner in which we literally were inhaling the food from sheer hunger we just couldn't help but feel that the night had just begun....so we stopped by at Koryodang for some cake~~!   Pillowy soft icing, moist cake and even a super cute macaroon topping!  … Continue reading Koryodang – Koreatown, NYC

돈의보감 (Don’s Bogam) – NYC

May 2nd, 2011.  Hangawi Friends Together For Dinner         So one by one as we all slowly got off work we all snuck across the street to 돈의보감 (Don's Bogam) for some much needed dinner...in the form of meat!  Hahahaha!               Problem is that the kitchen … Continue reading 돈의보감 (Don’s Bogam) – NYC

Sunday Brunch @ Colicchio & Sons

May 1st, 2011.  Sunday Brunch at Colicchio & Sons     You know what I've always wanted to do?  Sunday Brunch.  I remember my family used to every once in a while after church when we were younger, but as church responsibilities grew it became a non-option.  My gripe is that a lot of establishments … Continue reading Sunday Brunch @ Colicchio & Sons

Sanford’s Cobb Salad

April 30th, 2011.  Sanford's in Astoria   Another late night eating binge.  I picked up a Cobb Salad at Sanford's and brought it home so I could eat it while reading a book on my bed.    I absolutely love cobb salads because it's chock full of delicious meaty protiens!  This one has grilled chicken, … Continue reading Sanford’s Cobb Salad