The Betty (The Burrard Hotel)

April 27th, 2013. Spring Break In The City!         Good morning, Vancouver! It's spring break!  It's a typically rainy day, but that's not going to stop us from making the most of it!       Another reason why I love The Burrard Hotel is that it has this incredibly sweet café … Continue reading The Betty (The Burrard Hotel)

Windsor Plaza Hotel – Ho Chi Minh City (Breakfast)

November 20th, 2011. Hello Vietnam~~~   I wake up to my first morning in Vietnam and look out the window.'s definitely not Vancouver!  A little bit smoggy, no doubt from the thousands of motorcycles that swarm the streets every day and night.  That's probably one of the craziest things I've seen.  A country where … Continue reading Windsor Plaza Hotel – Ho Chi Minh City (Breakfast)

Cranberry Bliss Bar (Starbucks)

November 2nd, 2010. Morning at the Office       Mmmmmmm...mornings are always hard......but with my favorite Cranberry Bliss Bar and a morning latte I can somehow get through the day.....   I wish they had the Cranberry Bliss Bar all year long...soft gingergread goodness with that sweet sweet icing and sweetly tart GOOD!