Perfect Korean Mini Meat Patties (동그랑땡)

March 20th, 2013. Eunice's Perfect Korean Mini Meat Patties (동그랑땡)~   People wonder why I never cook Korean food. Why would I need to when I have a sister who cooks it so well and lets me eat it ;D Tonight I came home and Eunice was just about to make some Korean Mini Meat … Continue reading Perfect Korean Mini Meat Patties (동그랑땡)

Midam Cafe

April 5th, 2012. Midam Cafe   It had been a while since Yumi and I caught up, so we decided to do it over eats at Midam Cafe.  Nothing makes catching up better than eating while catching up~! I ordered a full meal of what the menu called "떡갈비" roughly translated to Rice Cake Beef … Continue reading Midam Cafe

Lunch Special at Dasom – Surrey

  December 23rd, 2011. Lunch at Dasom        After the work event at Amenida Adele, Vivian and I went to lunch at Dasom, a little Korean restaurant in the Guildford area.  It used to be a Taco del Mar and they really haven't renovated the the tiki theme is still there 🙂 … Continue reading Lunch Special at Dasom – Surrey

Midam Rice Cake House

July 27th, 2011.  Midam Date With Yumi        It was about time I caught up with Yumi for some one-on-one time to talk about life, love and faith.  Midam is a sweet little Korean rice cake and tea house that has a menu that ranges from savory meals to seasonal desserts and drinks.  Sounds good … Continue reading Midam Rice Cake House

돈의보감 (Don’s Bogam) – NYC

May 2nd, 2011.  Hangawi Friends Together For Dinner         So one by one as we all slowly got off work we all snuck across the street to 돈의보감 (Don's Bogam) for some much needed the form of meat!  Hahahaha!               Problem is that the kitchen … Continue reading 돈의보감 (Don’s Bogam) – NYC

HaruHana – K-Town, NYC

February 25th, 2011.  Late Night Dinner at HaruHana on W 32nd   After a 10~12 hour work day we just wanna get out of work and eat something!  With Min Obba there's no hesitation about it.  His philosophy: "If you need to eat, then eat!  Nothing worse than feeling like a beggar after a long … Continue reading HaruHana – K-Town, NYC

Franchia Vegan Cafe

January 8th, 2011.  Starting a New Life in NYC         Day 2 of NYC Life: I had an early morning getting into Midtown for a job interview with a successful Korean restauranteur.  The "interview" stretched out a lot longer than I expected as I was given a task as a sort of … Continue reading Franchia Vegan Cafe

Hangawi – New York

July 31st, 2010. jenn hearts nyc: hangawi!     I was supposed to meet my long lost "uncles" for an early dinner in Koreatown, so after my lunch I walked around some more, eventually walking by Madison Square Garden as well as the first Macy's in the process.  Hangawi is right in the heart of Koreatown amidst other … Continue reading Hangawi – New York