Jook Hyang Traditional Tea Centre (Jinju) – 죽향차문화원

November 27th, 2011. Sunday with Mom & Dad               죽향 차문화원 (Jook Hyang Traditional Tea Culture Centre) is a little oasis in the condensed city area of Jinju.                     It's a multiple story building with one floor being a gallery and … Continue reading Jook Hyang Traditional Tea Centre (Jinju) – 죽향차문화원

Franchia Vegan Cafe

January 8th, 2011.  Starting a New Life in NYC         Day 2 of NYC Life: I had an early morning getting into Midtown for a job interview with a successful Korean restauranteur.  The "interview" stretched out a lot longer than I expected as I was given a task as a sort of … Continue reading Franchia Vegan Cafe