Guu w/ Garlic

August 21st, 2011.  Foodie Weekend: Day 2           After a quick pre-eats takoyaki at a nearby Korean bar, Daniel, Don and I went to Guu with Garlic for some real eats  ;D  My favorite Guu location, it's right on Robson street and has great bar seating overlooking the chefs.    I always … Continue reading Guu w/ Garlic

Guu Otokomae Gastown

July 18th, 2011.  Guu Otokomae Gastown Reunion~~       I love my childhood friends.  So many amazing memories, innocent friendships and fearless adventures.  Thank goodness for Facebook for keeping me in touch with friends from even 20 years ago!!    A few years back I had unexpectedly run into my childhood BFF, "Namoo Bark"'s kid-sister, Michelle in New … Continue reading Guu Otokomae Gastown

Guu Garden on Nelson

April 9th, 2010. At Guu Garden With Rae Teh!     Rachel had really been wanting to try Guu Garden, the newest Guu location, so off we went!  In truth..I was still quite upset that I had failed to bring my camera a couple days ago when we had lunch at Guu Garlic with Liz, Yumi … Continue reading Guu Garden on Nelson