Sanafir’s Last Dinner Service

September 1st, 2012. Indian Summer Fun  I'd arranged to meet Anita (@PetiteFoodie) and one of her other foodie girlfriends, Tien (@distienct) for dinner at Sanafir.  It's a restaurant I'd been wanting to try since it opened a few years ago....and as luck would have it here I was on the last day of their dinner service … Continue reading Sanafir’s Last Dinner Service

COAST Restaurant

August 20th, 2011.  Foodie Weekend: Day 1     Special Situations Dan was visiting for the weekend and both of us being foodies, I'd spent the preceding weeks mulling over what restaurants we should try while he's in town.  Being the awesome guy he is, SSD went ahead and made reservations based on a list … Continue reading COAST Restaurant

Society Dining Lounge

May 22th, 2010. Rachel's Dinner at Society!!   society dining lounge   After several thwarted attempts Rachel was FINALLY able to have her Society dinner!  She invited her girlfriends and we got together on Victoria Day to celebrate with the pink chandeliers!  Society Dining Lounge is part of the prolific Glowbal Group and takes all American concepts and takes their … Continue reading Society Dining Lounge