Girls’ Night at Milestone’s (Langley)

April 24th, 2013. Girls' Night! A much needed night out with my girls! A light dinner at Milestones included the Baked Goat Cheese and Roasted Garlic plate. Wow!! When you go to Milestones you are really just there for the atmosphere and the company because for the most part you're going to be let down … Continue reading Girls’ Night at Milestone’s (Langley)

Sanafir’s Last Dinner Service

September 1st, 2012. Indian Summer Fun  I'd arranged to meet Anita (@PetiteFoodie) and one of her other foodie girlfriends, Tien (@distienct) for dinner at Sanafir.  It's a restaurant I'd been wanting to try since it opened a few years ago....and as luck would have it here I was on the last day of their dinner service … Continue reading Sanafir’s Last Dinner Service

Power Dinner @ Cactus Club Cafe (Metrotown)

September 23rd, 2010.  Power Dinner with Rachel at Cactus Club Cafe           So, Rachel and I were in dire need of some girl-talk, so we coordinated a very quick dinner meet-up by her work in Burnaby.  The safest bet just seemed to be staring us in the face: Cactus Club Cafe.  Besides, … Continue reading Power Dinner @ Cactus Club Cafe (Metrotown)