A&W Spicy Guacamole Teen Burger

March 22nd, 2013. Spicy Guacamole Teen Burger~! I've driving by posters of a new limited time only A&W Spicy Guacamole Teen Burger.  Usually I don't do A&W but after my enthralling encounter with an A&W coke float last year and occasional good impressions of their burgers I've been warming up to A&W's fare.   Nab called me … Continue reading A&W Spicy Guacamole Teen Burger

McDonald’s Coffee

October 9th, 2011.  McDonald's + Monopoly =              It's that time of year again....Monopoly at McD's!!  I love McDonald's coffee.  It's not too strong, has a great warm flavor, it's smooth, and satisfying.  If I ever need straight up coffee (well, with cream and sugar, of course), I always prefer McDonald's  😉