Hot Chocolate at The Coquitlam Grill

February 19th, 2013.  The Coquitlam Grill       Been really loving on The Coquitlam Grill for the last little while.  Great neighborhood spot with a huge menu (lots of options!), fantastic breakfasts, decent lunch specials and just that great down-home feel. Solid food and reasonable service all add up to many repeat visits ;D … Continue reading Hot Chocolate at The Coquitlam Grill

Jimoco Cafe & Pasta

July 20th, 2011.  Meeting The Girls For Dinner!   I had just met Rika's friend Minji, but we got to know each other pretty quickly.  She was already leaving to go back to Korea soon, so we all decided to get together for some girl time before she goes back.   For dinner we went … Continue reading Jimoco Cafe & Pasta

Sanford’s Cobb Salad

April 30th, 2011.  Sanford's in Astoria   Another late night eating binge.  I picked up a Cobb Salad at Sanford's and brought it home so I could eat it while reading a book on my bed.    I absolutely love cobb salads because it's chock full of delicious meaty protiens!  This one has grilled chicken, … Continue reading Sanford’s Cobb Salad

Big Nick’s Burger & Pizza Joint – Upper West Side

March 15th, 2011.  Exploring Manhattan     Big Nick's Burger & Pizza Joint on the Upper West Side is literally a heritage establishment dating back to 1962.  It's a complete dive with red neon lighting inside, peeling wooden booths, and a menu so big that both Chef Gordon Ramsey & Chef Robert Irvine would flip out. … Continue reading Big Nick’s Burger & Pizza Joint – Upper West Side

Sugar Cafe – Lower East Side

March 5th, 2011.  Sugar Cafe on Housten & Allen (LES)     Sugar Cafe is a place of significance to me.  I have a sweet memory or two of this place. It's literally a little corner cafe, most of it being exposed to the street when they open it up in the summer.  It's a small … Continue reading Sugar Cafe – Lower East Side

Sanfords Restaurant – Astoria, NY

March 4th, 2011.  Sanfords Restaurant So I'm here so often that I'm just going to put a few items together. First we have the Yellowfin Tuna Tartare: the tuna is marinaded in a sesame soy sauce which enhances and brings a richness, is topped off with the lovely house guacamole, and served atop a cucumber … Continue reading Sanfords Restaurant – Astoria, NY

Sanford’s Restaurant – Astoria, NY

February 19th, 2011.  Sanford's Restaurant    Another wonderful place I found to eat in my new neighborhood is Stanfords.  It's a mid-range trendy restaurant masquerading as a 24 hour diner . It's like an upscale diner what with the dim dinner lighting and amazing stuff on the menu such as yellowfin tuna tartare and gourmet … Continue reading Sanford’s Restaurant – Astoria, NY