Eunice Makes The Best Soup Ever~

March 16th, 2013.  Eunice Makes The Best Soup Ever~        I come home from a long day and what do I come home to?????  My talented sister lovingly working on the most delicious homemade soup!       The clearest soup base full of natural flavor. Sweet, savory, rich, and clear all in one … Continue reading Eunice Makes The Best Soup Ever~

Chef Paul Shufelt: Root Beer Braised Heritage Angus Beef Short Rib Shepherd’s Pie – BC Home & Garden Show 2013

February 23rd, 2013. BC Home & Garden Show!     Scored some free tickets to the BC Home & Garden Show via work, so made plans with Rachel and Shelly to check it out at BC Place Stadium on Saturday!  This year the cooking was all about home comfort food.  Score!!       Chef Paul … Continue reading Chef Paul Shufelt: Root Beer Braised Heritage Angus Beef Short Rib Shepherd’s Pie – BC Home & Garden Show 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner Re-Purposed!

October 10th, 2012. Homemade Turkey Soup~     So we still had some leftovers from that epic Thanksgiving dinner, so what does Eunice do?  She repurposes the leftovers into a magnificent Turkey Leftover Soup!         She actually took a lot of time and care into making a very clear and clean broth.  OMG, … Continue reading Thanksgiving Dinner Re-Purposed!

Pho Phu Thinh

October 25th, 2011.  Late Dinner at Pho Phu Thinh          When I need a Vietnamese pick-me-up I go to Pho Phu Thinh.  Affordable, delicious, clean, and always on point!  Never disappoints. Today I went for the Pho Bo Hue, a hot bowl of thick vermicelli noodles in spicy soup with well done flank, pork … Continue reading Pho Phu Thinh

Congee Noodle House

August 11th, 2011.  After Volleyball Eats!     After a full evening of playing grass volleyball in the fresh air with 35+ people to socialize with it's always nice to wind down with something yummy in the tummy         It's been a cold summer, which is pretty annoying, so congee was a … Continue reading Congee Noodle House

Momofuku Noodle Bar – East Village

May 19th, 2011.  Momofuku Noodle Bar       Meeting DLee for the first time for an evening of fun in the East Village!  We had discussed a few different options for dinner, but in the end came to a consensus to make first impressions over Japanese ramen.  I know.  2 in a row.  But hey, … Continue reading Momofuku Noodle Bar – East Village

Yerba Buena (LES)

February 10th, 2011.  Yerba Buena Feeds Me Good Food       Another trip out to Yerba Buena LES, this time to check out this oxtail stew I've been hearing about.   Tallarin Saltado: oxtail + noodles + scallions + piquillos + peas + quail egg         Now, generally, I'm no fan of runny … Continue reading Yerba Buena (LES)

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

June 27th, 2010. Delish Japanese Ramen!!   I know, I'm severely overdue for Japanese Ramen.  It seems that with the current Japanese Ramen following more seem to be taking root (whether authentic or not) and I knew I had to get in on this bandwagon while it was still a novelty!  Because the thing with crazes … Continue reading Hokkaido Ramen Santouka