Honey – Doughnuts & Goodies

May 24th, 2012. Deep Cove       A gorgeously sunny day and an impromptu stop at Deep Cove in North Van.  Got to sit down and try these "famous" honey doughnuts along with coffee!  Rich fried doughnuts, got one maple glazed and one original.  Honestly, I'm not sure what the hype is about.   … Continue reading Honey – Doughnuts & Goodies


Starbucks MGM Grand (Las Vegas)

April 14th, 2012. Vegas Business Trip Day 1     So while we were waiting for the bosses at the MGM Grand Ms. Vivian and I figured it was DEFINITELY time for a coffee break.  You'd be surprised that coffee is not really al that prevalent here in Vegas...you actually have to go hunt it … Continue reading Starbucks MGM Grand (Las Vegas)

Thierry Macarons and Latte

March 30th, 2012.  Thierry~~           What better way to kick off the weekend than with some great eats!             A few of us in marketing in the Vancouver area were introduced and got to know each other over dinner at Gyu-Kaku and then headed over to … Continue reading Thierry Macarons and Latte

Mink Chocolates (Morgan Crossing)

March 9th, 2012. Mink Chocolates   Wow, my Trinity Western ladies all back together in Vancouver...what a dream! Alina Unni and Tina just moved back to Vancouver after many years in Korea. Haemi Unni from Yaletown, Christine from Mission, Tracy Unni from White Rock, Alina Unni from Langley and Tina and I from Port Moody … Continue reading Mink Chocolates (Morgan Crossing)

New Years’ Dawn at Denny’s ;)

January 1st, 2012. Breaking New Year's Dawn Ritual at Denny's       Despite a brief Denny's boycott we'd had due to being kicked out for no good reason years ago we've inched back in. Because really, in a place like Langley, which is literally a suburb of a suburb, there's nowhere else to go … Continue reading New Years’ Dawn at Denny’s 😉

Windsor Plaza Hotel (Ho Chi Minh City)

November 19th, 2011. Hello Vietnam~~~ Our group finally arrived in Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon; several times zones, 2 different flights, and a couple continents later.  We were grateful that our tour guide and bus were waiting for us out front. And though it was humid, I was personally very happy that the night … Continue reading Windsor Plaza Hotel (Ho Chi Minh City)

Korean Air Prestige Class (Lunch)

November 18th, 2011. Leaving For Vietnam~!!! How awesome is flying prestige business class? Complimentary slippers, blanket, pillow and travel kit containing everything from face cream to eye gel and even a brush! Oh, and they were offering guava juice...I became a guava juice junkie on this trip. LOL!       The other thing about … Continue reading Korean Air Prestige Class (Lunch)