Family Christmas Dinner 2011~♥

December 23rd, 2011.  Family Christmas Dinner       I love that my relatives live in BC and are so close now.  Nothing warms my heart more than getting together with mi familia and sharing a meal, spending time together, laughing together, holding hands, and just loving each other.       Christmas dinner was … Continue reading Family Christmas Dinner 2011~♥


Suika Snack Bar

December 18th, 2010. Izakaya Christmas Dinner @ Suika        Unconventional? Yes.  Perfectly west coast?  Absolutely!  I was invited to a Christmas dinner by a bunch of new friends to this new up and coming Izakaya place, Suika.  Suika=Watermelon.  Heh 🙂           The appeal of this place is that it's not located … Continue reading Suika Snack Bar