Sunday Brunch @ Colicchio & Sons

May 1st, 2011.  Sunday Brunch at Colicchio & Sons     You know what I've always wanted to do?  Sunday Brunch.  I remember my family used to every once in a while after church when we were younger, but as church responsibilities grew it became a non-option.  My gripe is that a lot of establishments … Continue reading Sunday Brunch @ Colicchio & Sons

Colicchio & Sons – Chelsea

March 3rd, 2011. Dinner at Colicchio & Sons If you know me and my TV viewing habits you'll know that I love Top Chef on the Food Network. Not having cable is killing me because I can't watch my favorite shows.  Anyways, ever since my summer trip to NYC last year and eating at Morimoto I'd … Continue reading Colicchio & Sons – Chelsea

Basta Pasta – Flatiron District in NYC

January 16th, 2010. Birthday Dinner at Basta Pasta!! So for my birthday aunt and uncle invited me out to Basta Pasta for dinner. Now this isn't your average pasta place. It's a Japanese pasta place! Sure enough, at a cursory glance the menu looks Italian but upon closer inspection there are some small twists and … Continue reading Basta Pasta – Flatiron District in NYC

Morimoto – New York

August 1st, 2010. jenn 's nyc - morimoto    The HORROR!!!  Because of nearly 43 hours of no sleep I ended up sleeping through every single alarm in the morning and woke up at 3pm!! OMG!!!  Yes.  I wasted a whole half a day!!  My original plan was to check out the Museum of Modern Art....but with … Continue reading Morimoto – New York