Starbucks x 2

September 5th, 2012. Starbucks x 2    Hello~~~ Pumpkin Spice Latte!  What would autumn be if there were no pumpkin flavored items?  The PSL has been one of my absolute favorite drinks since Starbucks first started doing much so that my girlfriend Alisa and I text each other when we've had our first PSLs of the … Continue reading Starbucks x 2


Fran’s Chocolates

May 27th, 2012. Fran's Chocolates         I got this surprise gift of salted caramel chocolates from Nab upon his return from a bachelor's weekend in Vegas.               He emphasised that these chocolates have the stamp of approval from both President Obama AND Oprah.  Wow, that impressive, … Continue reading Fran’s Chocolates

Tim Horton’s

November 23rd, 2010.  Tim Horton's, You Don't Fool Me!     After a movie and a DDR dance battle we all had to go nourish ourselves....alright, Tim Horton's it is!!  I got the Chili Combo, which is the soup with a bun, coffee and a donut of choice.  The caramel apple turnover was calling out … Continue reading Tim Horton’s

Cactus Club Cafe – Post Workout Dinner

September 30th, 2010. Post-Workout Dinner: Cactus Club Cafe   It's a known fact: a post-workout appetite is the WORST for ruining your self-resolve in terms of diet.  Now, I'm not on a diet, but after a workout I'm as hungry as if I were.  After a productive workout session with Nabil we headed over to the … Continue reading Cactus Club Cafe – Post Workout Dinner