Pearl Hot Pot (Burnaby)

March 11th, 2013. Sister Date Day~       Eunice suggested a sister date of hot pot and a movie.  How could I resist?  What a wonderful idea!  She recommended a place she's been to in Burnaby called Pearl Hot Pot.       Usually hot pot is a communal food activity, but in this case … Continue reading Pearl Hot Pot (Burnaby)

Birthday BBQ @ Burgers Etc BBQ House

January 19th, 2013. Birthday BBQ          Now that the weekend's upon us time for a real birthday dinner!  I wasn't feeling like a large get-together, so it was literally Eunice, Howard, Chris, Rachel and myself,  What did I want to eat?  BBQ!!  Vegetarian I am not... LOL!         Originally I … Continue reading Birthday BBQ @ Burgers Etc BBQ House

Dinner at Yoon & Krista’s ♥

July 7th, 2012. Dinner at Yoon & Krista's~       Yoon Keun oppa and Krista unni invited me over for dinner at their place.  It's always nice going over to their calm and serene 🙂  When I arrived oppa was finishing off the dinner, so I helped set the table.       … Continue reading Dinner at Yoon & Krista’s ♥

Midam Cafe

April 5th, 2012. Midam Cafe   It had been a while since Yumi and I caught up, so we decided to do it over eats at Midam Cafe.  Nothing makes catching up better than eating while catching up~! I ordered a full meal of what the menu called "떡갈비" roughly translated to Rice Cake Beef … Continue reading Midam Cafe

Joey’s Coquitlam

March 31st, 2012. Joey's Coquitlam       Another random dinner with Nab.  Since re-discovering Joey's recently I've been wanting to come back for an actual meal to check out the more substantial food items.  From the looks of the drinks and food menus it seems like Joey's has really stepped it up from the … Continue reading Joey’s Coquitlam

Midam Rice Cake House

July 27th, 2011.  Midam Date With Yumi        It was about time I caught up with Yumi for some one-on-one time to talk about life, love and faith.  Midam is a sweet little Korean rice cake and tea house that has a menu that ranges from savory meals to seasonal desserts and drinks.  Sounds good … Continue reading Midam Rice Cake House


July 23rd, 2011.  Window Shopping & Frozen Yogurt~!         Ever since I discovered my love for Pinkberry I'd been  experiencing severe cravings.  I thought I'd try to satiate that craving by having some froyo at Qoola at Metrotown.             I added cinnamon toast crunch cereal, mochi and madarine … Continue reading Qoola

Sweet Potato Cake (고구마 캐익)

June 16th, 2011.  Birthday at The Office~!         We celebrated our Marketing Director's birthday with a Sweet Potato Cake from Good Morning Bakery down on North Road.  It's a super cosy, warm bakery and I really do think it's one of those Korean bakeries that really try to keep their products fresh and … Continue reading Sweet Potato Cake (고구마 캐익)

Anton’s Pasta Bar

November 21st, 2010.  Johnny's Anton's Pasta Birthday this the first year we're not making Johnny a home-cooked birthday dinner?? Wow....!!  Well, it took us long enough to decide on where to go!  It got to the point where Johnny didn't even care anymore, he just wanted to get going because he … Continue reading Anton’s Pasta Bar