Bubble World (Robson Street)

April 27th, 2013. Bubble World on Robson!         So, walking back up Robson of course we had to follow up with our regular ritual of bubble tea!  Street Fighter+Bubble Tea = The best!           This particular location is tiny and doesn't offer food (no salty peppery chicken nuggets? … Continue reading Bubble World (Robson Street)

Tea Shop 168 – Willowdale (North York, ON)

August 19th, 2012. Tea Shop 168 - Willowdale (North York, ON)          Finally able to take a little time to ourselves, Yire and I ventured out of our nice hotel room at Novotel and took a walk down Yonge Street.  We saw Tea Shop 168 and looked at each other...Bubble tea??  Yes, please! … Continue reading Tea Shop 168 – Willowdale (North York, ON)

Ding Hao Noodle House

January 14th, 2012. Ding Hao Noodle House     Lunch at Ding Hao Noodle House! Haven't been back to this place in a while.... so I was interested to see how it would stack up to the memory of food I have from here. Honestly, the memory I had was not phneomenal....So here we go! … Continue reading Ding Hao Noodle House

Phnom Penh

October 6th, 2011.  Dinner w/ Rachel at Phnom Penh   I FINALLY got my butt out to Phnom Penh out in Chinatown in Vancouver.  It's such a well-known fixture and I can't believe I'd never been her to eat before.  Of course Rachel was up for some delicious eats with me   After a brief … Continue reading Phnom Penh

Bubble World – Guildford

July 26th, 2011.  Bubble World          One of the best value dishes at Bubble World is the Salty Peppery Chicken.  A large portion of salty, peppery, deep fried goodness in a bowl for only $5.25.  For $7.00 you can get all that with a big bowl of noodle soup!!  Salty Peppery Chicken with … Continue reading Bubble World – Guildford

Richmond Night Market

June 12th, 2011.  Richmond Night Market!!     Of the highlights of summer in Vancouver are the various night markets.  Of those the Richmond Night Market is probably the most popular.  With tons of stalls with cheap "made in China" merchandise on one half and a vast plethora of Asian eats on the other half, RNM is … Continue reading Richmond Night Market

Bubble World (Guildford)

November 8th, 2010. Bubble World with Rachel     Another impromptu dinner meet-up with Rae Teh!!  This time we convened at the Bubble World by Guildford Mall in Surrey.    The service here is atrocious.  I have had a server walk away while I was in mid-sentence nearly every time and they have all these ridiculous … Continue reading Bubble World (Guildford)

Well Tea

August 5th, 2010. Girl Talk @ Well Tea well tea    So after my NYC trip I had to get together with Rachel to debrief!  I was playing volleyball that evening in Vancouver so I coordinated to meet up with Rachel in Richmond at Well Tea, one of many Richmond bubble tea joints.  Their extremely extensive list … Continue reading Well Tea