Birthday BBQ @ Burgers Etc BBQ House

January 19th, 2013. Birthday BBQ          Now that the weekend's upon us time for a real birthday dinner!  I wasn't feeling like a large get-together, so it was literally Eunice, Howard, Chris, Rachel and myself,  What did I want to eat?  BBQ!!  Vegetarian I am not... LOL!         Originally I … Continue reading Birthday BBQ @ Burgers Etc BBQ House

Grilling on The Road (Quebec City)

August 11th, 2012. AllTV Korean Culture Caravan - Quebec City, Quebec       The rain followed us to Quebec City but that wasn't going to dampen our mood!  With such an amazing venue centre stage at Place d'Youville, we were all seeing a diverse audience of tourists from all over the world!     … Continue reading Grilling on The Road (Quebec City)

Summer Work BBQ at Buntzen Lake

  September 2nd, 2011.  Summer BBQ @ Buntzen Lake          To celebrate our office's 3rd anniversary and to wrap up the end of the summer we planned a summer BBQ.  We made it a half day at work, shut it down, picked up some essentials and headed up to Buntzen Lake.           … Continue reading Summer Work BBQ at Buntzen Lake

돈의보감 (Don’s Bogam) – NYC

May 2nd, 2011.  Hangawi Friends Together For Dinner         So one by one as we all slowly got off work we all snuck across the street to 돈의보감 (Don's Bogam) for some much needed the form of meat!  Hahahaha!               Problem is that the kitchen … Continue reading 돈의보감 (Don’s Bogam) – NYC

S’mores Make a BBQ Better!

September 2nd, 2010. The Summer's Final BBQ Blowout!!!   Our final hurrah to what has been a really great summer!!  We got Daniel to host one last backyard bbq.  This time he pulled out all the stops!  We had 2 different types of Samgyeopsal, plus a spicy kind as well as some Bulgogi!  Everyone amped the … Continue reading S’mores Make a BBQ Better!

Backyard BBQ at Daniel’s!

July 28th, 2010.  Korean Backyard BBQ & Daniel Chung's!        A BBQ at Daniel's house was looooong overdue!  We finally got the invite to partake in Korean Galbi, Outdoor activities, such as badminton and volleyball and even the promise of Karaoke...everything to make a summer BBQ a smash hit!            Guests trickled … Continue reading Backyard BBQ at Daniel’s!