Minty Sesame Chilled Soba with Pickled Veg and Tobiko and Soy-Wasabi Dressing

April 20th, 2013. Chilled Minty Sesame Soba Noodles with Soy-Wasbi Dressing Don was having a potluck and karaoke birthday get-together at his place and of course my immediate thought was "what can I bring on a budget?!"  I also had to factor in the fact that I'd be working all day and would have very … Continue reading Minty Sesame Chilled Soba with Pickled Veg and Tobiko and Soy-Wasabi Dressing

Pearl Hot Pot (Burnaby)

March 11th, 2013. Sister Date Day~       Eunice suggested a sister date of hot pot and a movie.  How could I resist?  What a wonderful idea!  She recommended a place she's been to in Burnaby called Pearl Hot Pot.       Usually hot pot is a communal food activity, but in this case … Continue reading Pearl Hot Pot (Burnaby)

Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer

May 21st, 2012. Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer           So, not only did Rachel heap me with Asian goodies the other day, she also bought me a case of farmers' market strawberries!  Now, I knew there'd be no way I could finish the whole batch by just eating it straight, so I … Continue reading Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer

Axum Ethiopian Restaurant

April 20th, 2012. Axum Ethiopian Restaurant   After a fun but loooong business trip what's a good way to get back into the groove of things at home?  Why a group dinner!  I'd been wanting to try either Ethiopian or Afghan food for the longest time now and with my best bud Brent visiting from … Continue reading Axum Ethiopian Restaurant

Coconut Candy Island – Elephant Ear Fish Lunch

November 20th, 2011. Hello Vietnam~~~    After a few activities on Unicorn Island, a canal boat ride and another boat ride we arrived at Coconut Candy Island and..........lunch!! Over looking the Mekong River, this little place specializes in the local delicacy...Fried Elephant Ear Fish! Caught straight from the murky waters of the Mekong. Well...when in … Continue reading Coconut Candy Island – Elephant Ear Fish Lunch

Basta Pasta – Flatiron District in NYC

January 16th, 2010. Birthday Dinner at Basta Pasta!! So for my birthday aunt and uncle invited me out to Basta Pasta for dinner. Now this isn't your average pasta place. It's a Japanese pasta place! Sure enough, at a cursory glance the menu looks Italian but upon closer inspection there are some small twists and … Continue reading Basta Pasta – Flatiron District in NYC

Franchia Vegan Cafe

January 8th, 2011.  Starting a New Life in NYC         Day 2 of NYC Life: I had an early morning getting into Midtown for a job interview with a successful Korean restauranteur.  The "interview" stretched out a lot longer than I expected as I was given a task as a sort of … Continue reading Franchia Vegan Cafe

Hangawi – New York

July 31st, 2010. jenn hearts nyc: hangawi!     I was supposed to meet my long lost "uncles" for an early dinner in Koreatown, so after my lunch I walked around some more, eventually walking by Madison Square Garden as well as the first Macy's in the process.  Hangawi is right in the heart of Koreatown amidst other … Continue reading Hangawi – New York