Banana Leaf on Robson

April 27th, 2013. Banana Leaf Robson So I felt like a bright lunch would be a great way to go so I had planned for us to go to the new Banana Leaf that just opened up on Robson. I ordered the appetizer platter as my lunch and I was pretty pleased! I love love … Continue reading Banana Leaf on Robson

Asian Treats!

May 19th, 2012. Gifts From Thailand~!     Rachel, being the sweetheart she is, brought me back a whole bunch of treats from her Malaysia/Thailand trip!  Candies, instant milk tea, lime meentos, a postcard and a magnet!  Oh, she knows me so well 😀  I have a great bff!!

Thai House – North Vancouver

August 24th, 2011.  Work Lunch at Thai House         Boss and I were making the prowl all over North Vancouver all morning looking up previous and prospective clients.  The sun was high and our stomaches were sending us hunger we walked into Thai House for a time-out.          … Continue reading Thai House – North Vancouver

Tropika Malaysian & Thai Cuisine

August 21st, 2011.  Foodie Weekend: Day 2   SSD and I decided we should do a light lunch and a stroll around Robson Street before meeting up with his partner, Don, for dinner.  Well, we were on Robson street, so why not try Tropika?           Dan went for the Pad Thai, … Continue reading Tropika Malaysian & Thai Cuisine

Richmond Night Market

June 12th, 2011.  Richmond Night Market!!     Of the highlights of summer in Vancouver are the various night markets.  Of those the Richmond Night Market is probably the most popular.  With tons of stalls with cheap "made in China" merchandise on one half and a vast plethora of Asian eats on the other half, RNM is … Continue reading Richmond Night Market

Sticky Rice Thai & Asian Cuisine

November 17th, 2010. Sticky Rice Thai & Asian Cuisine        Ever since hearing that Liz was working at a Thai restaurant and that she wears a traditional Thai dress for it we knew we had to go visit!!  I guess where it's situated you could say it's White Rock..anyways, it's a Thai place in Surrey! … Continue reading Sticky Rice Thai & Asian Cuisine