Girls’ Day @ Mink a Chocolate Cafe! (Morgan Crossing/South Surrey)

November 11th, 2012. Girls' Day @ Mink!    It's not every day I'm in White Rock/South Surrey.  Despite being a nice little city with some great hidden gems for eating, it's just so out of the way! Of course a good reason to go is to see Tracy!  A more beautiful, strong and faithful soul I … Continue reading Girls’ Day @ Mink a Chocolate Cafe! (Morgan Crossing/South Surrey)

Tracycakes Bakery Cafe Luncheon

April 6th, 2012. Lifegroup Girls' Easter Luncheon       Us girls in Lifegroup wanted to take the opportunity of a long weekend to get together and bond over tea, lunch-stuff, cupcakes, etc.. Hello, Easter Long Weekend!         Fortuitously we were blessed with an amazingly sunny day! After another long and gloomy … Continue reading Tracycakes Bakery Cafe Luncheon

Five Guys Burgers

April 2nd, 2012. Five Guys (White Rock)     Well, my boss wanted to know about Five Guys.  Apparantly he had heard about "tht burger place that President Obama likes".  I told him there's one in White Rock.  He said, "Let's go!!!".  Ummm...what about work?  But he was already turning the car it is. … Continue reading Five Guys Burgers

Mink Chocolates (Morgan Crossing)

March 9th, 2012. Mink Chocolates   Wow, my Trinity Western ladies all back together in Vancouver...what a dream! Alina Unni and Tina just moved back to Vancouver after many years in Korea. Haemi Unni from Yaletown, Christine from Mission, Tracy Unni from White Rock, Alina Unni from Langley and Tina and I from Port Moody … Continue reading Mink Chocolates (Morgan Crossing)

Clancy’s Tea Cosy

June 10th, 2011.  Tea Date with Rina       Ahhh~ finally, some one-on-one time with my girlfriend, Rina!!  In New York she was definitely a friend I missed.  We made efforts to keep in touch and when I had that loneliness I always knew I could message her for comfort and assurance.     I had … Continue reading Clancy’s Tea Cosy

Sticky Rice Thai & Asian Cuisine

November 17th, 2010. Sticky Rice Thai & Asian Cuisine        Ever since hearing that Liz was working at a Thai restaurant and that she wears a traditional Thai dress for it we knew we had to go visit!!  I guess where it's situated you could say it's White Rock..anyways, it's a Thai place in Surrey! … Continue reading Sticky Rice Thai & Asian Cuisine

Cactus Club Cafe – Post Workout Dinner

September 30th, 2010. Post-Workout Dinner: Cactus Club Cafe   It's a known fact: a post-workout appetite is the WORST for ruining your self-resolve in terms of diet.  Now, I'm not on a diet, but after a workout I'm as hungry as if I were.  After a productive workout session with Nabil we headed over to the … Continue reading Cactus Club Cafe – Post Workout Dinner