Relate Church Bake Sale Macarons~♡

March 10th, 2013. Relate Bake Sale!        Our church was holding a bake sale and there were homemade macarons!  I definitely had to get some 😀 As you can see they are perfectly risen, super delicate and airy and let me tell you....delicious!

Girls’ Day @ Mink a Chocolate Cafe! (Morgan Crossing/South Surrey)

November 11th, 2012. Girls' Day @ Mink!    It's not every day I'm in White Rock/South Surrey.  Despite being a nice little city with some great hidden gems for eating, it's just so out of the way! Of course a good reason to go is to see Tracy!  A more beautiful, strong and faithful soul I … Continue reading Girls’ Day @ Mink a Chocolate Cafe! (Morgan Crossing/South Surrey)

Monica’s Bridal Shower – Catering by John Sunwoo Ryu

October 6th, 2012. Monica's Bridal Shower~   As Monica's bridesmaids Meliza, Rina and I had a fun time meeting up at McDonalds for coffee and planning the bridal shower, among other things.  We decided we'd have it at Rina's home and John Ryu even offered to cater for the event!  Yay! We spent the night before … Continue reading Monica’s Bridal Shower – Catering by John Sunwoo Ryu

Red Robins – Guildford (Surrey)

May 20th, 2012. Sunday Lunch at Red Robins       I went to Relate for Sunday service and bumped into a couple friends, Sylvia and Mario...and we all thought we'd grab some lunch at Reb Robins and catch up 🙂         I went for the Popcorn Shrimp with Fries.  Pleasant surprise!  … Continue reading Red Robins – Guildford (Surrey)

Tracycakes Bakery Cafe Luncheon

April 6th, 2012. Lifegroup Girls' Easter Luncheon       Us girls in Lifegroup wanted to take the opportunity of a long weekend to get together and bond over tea, lunch-stuff, cupcakes, etc.. Hello, Easter Long Weekend!         Fortuitously we were blessed with an amazingly sunny day! After another long and gloomy … Continue reading Tracycakes Bakery Cafe Luncheon

Five Guys Burgers

April 2nd, 2012. Five Guys (White Rock)     Well, my boss wanted to know about Five Guys.  Apparantly he had heard about "tht burger place that President Obama likes".  I told him there's one in White Rock.  He said, "Let's go!!!".  Ummm...what about work?  But he was already turning the car it is. … Continue reading Five Guys Burgers

Mink Chocolates (Morgan Crossing)

March 9th, 2012. Mink Chocolates   Wow, my Trinity Western ladies all back together in Vancouver...what a dream! Alina Unni and Tina just moved back to Vancouver after many years in Korea. Haemi Unni from Yaletown, Christine from Mission, Tracy Unni from White Rock, Alina Unni from Langley and Tina and I from Port Moody … Continue reading Mink Chocolates (Morgan Crossing)

Big Ridge Brewing Company

November 12th, 2011. Late Night Snack at Big Ridge       I was a bit hungry after Saturday night service at Relate Church, so I popped in to Big Ridge in Surrey to check out their eats and grab a snack.  I was really surprised that they had such a great looking menu!   … Continue reading Big Ridge Brewing Company

Kami Sushi – White Rock

August 25th, 2011.  Work Lunch in White Rock         So another day of driving around visiting clients and meeting people with Boss.  Today it's White Rock!  We needed to stop for some lunch, so we went to Kami Sushi at Morgan Crossing.               It's a pretty large … Continue reading Kami Sushi – White Rock

Bubble World – Guildford

July 26th, 2011.  Bubble World          One of the best value dishes at Bubble World is the Salty Peppery Chicken.  A large portion of salty, peppery, deep fried goodness in a bowl for only $5.25.  For $7.00 you can get all that with a big bowl of noodle soup!!  Salty Peppery Chicken with … Continue reading Bubble World – Guildford