230 Fifth Rooftop Lounge/Bar

May 25th, 2011. Last Fun in NYC: 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar!         My last real night in NYC.....had to have one last hurrah!  Eric and Olivia had been saying that we NEED to check out one of NYC's great rooftop bars/clubs..so we decided on one close by on 5th Avenue called 230 Fifth.  … Continue reading 230 Fifth Rooftop Lounge/Bar

Crumbs Bake Shop – Park Avenue

May 21st, 2011.  Crumbs Bake Shop~       Mmmmmmmmmm~~~!!!!  Finally Crumbs Bake Shop opened on Park Avenue!  Best part is that it's just a block down from Franchia~  Whenever I walk by it's packed with a line going out to door.... I finally found a day where it wasn't as busy.           … Continue reading Crumbs Bake Shop – Park Avenue

Pinkberry – Midtown Manhattan

May 8th, 2011.  The New Love Of My Life   Swirling at Pinkberry in K-Town NYC with Litchi Frozen Yogurt with Blackberries and Honey ♥   I'm not much of an ice cream person.  I love the idea and the multitude of combinations and flavors that such a canvas as ice cream can support..but I'm … Continue reading Pinkberry – Midtown Manhattan

Koryodang – Koreatown, NYC

May 2nd, 2011.  Cake Time~~~       After a dinner in which we literally were inhaling the food from sheer hunger we just couldn't help but feel that the night had just begun....so we stopped by at Koryodang for some cake~~!   Pillowy soft icing, moist cake and even a super cute macaroon topping!  … Continue reading Koryodang – Koreatown, NYC

돈의보감 (Don’s Bogam) – NYC

May 2nd, 2011.  Hangawi Friends Together For Dinner         So one by one as we all slowly got off work we all snuck across the street to 돈의보감 (Don's Bogam) for some much needed dinner...in the form of meat!  Hahahaha!               Problem is that the kitchen … Continue reading 돈의보감 (Don’s Bogam) – NYC

Pret-a-Manger – Midtown

March 25th, 2011. Pret-a-Manger on Park and E 32nd     A perfectly beautiful morning!  I arrived in Midtown a little early so I was able to grab a light breakfast of Chocolate Croissant and a  Latte at Pret-a-Manger on Park Avenue and E 32nd Street.  Happy me~

HaruHana – K-Town, NYC

February 25th, 2011.  Late Night Dinner at HaruHana on W 32nd   After a 10~12 hour work day we just wanna get out of work and eat something!  With Min Obba there's no hesitation about it.  His philosophy: "If you need to eat, then eat!  Nothing worse than feeling like a beggar after a long … Continue reading HaruHana – K-Town, NYC

Koryodang – Koreatown NYC

February 20th, 2011.  Coffee & Cake at Koryodang   After a long work day Eric and i hopped over to Koryodang for some late night coffee, cake & chat! It was a well deserved pat on the back after a long hard day, plus it was fun to bond with my new work dongseng, Eric~~! … Continue reading Koryodang – Koreatown NYC

Franchia Vegan Cafe

January 8th, 2011.  Starting a New Life in NYC         Day 2 of NYC Life: I had an early morning getting into Midtown for a job interview with a successful Korean restauranteur.  The "interview" stretched out a lot longer than I expected as I was given a task as a sort of … Continue reading Franchia Vegan Cafe

Pio Pio Peruvian Restaurant – New York

July 31st, 2010. jenn hearts nyc: pio pio peruvian restaurant!    For a good month and a half I started to plan a trip to every girl's dream city: NYC!  With limited days off, I was determined to make this summer count by making the most of a long weekend.  True, slightly less than 72 hours is NOT enough time … Continue reading Pio Pio Peruvian Restaurant – New York