Rodos Kouzina

September 12th, 2011. Rodos Kouzina         I came home and really didn't feel like putting together a meal..Eunice happened to come home just then as well...and we spontaneously decided to go down to Rodos Kouzina for some Greek!           I had the Beef Souvlaki.  Meh, It was okay.  The … Continue reading Rodos Kouzina

Sunday Dinner at Galini Greek Kouzina (Langley)

October 17th, 2010. Sunday Dinner @ Galini Greek Kouzina        Usually Sunday dinner is reserved for my Hebron crew.  We are all so busy serving at church that we don't always get to eat, so by the time we're done we're ravenous!  Tonight we deviated from the normal path that is Kimchi Palace and went … Continue reading Sunday Dinner at Galini Greek Kouzina (Langley)