Social Gastown (Dine Out Vancouver)

May 6th, 2010. Dine Out Vancouver - Social Gastown     Can you believe it?  I love food but I've never done Dine Out Vancouver!  I vowed that this year I'd make time for it and take the opportunity that is DOV to try out a place that I've always wanted to try but just haven't … Continue reading Social Gastown (Dine Out Vancouver)

Cork & Fin (Gastown)

  February 25th, 2010. Cork & Fin Props to Lizzy!  She found out about this amazing little gem in Gastown a couple weeks before it opened and had both of us salivating and yearning to check it out!  She described it as 'like Blue Water Cafe without the exorbitant price but not compromising the quality'.  Well, … Continue reading Cork & Fin (Gastown)