Ruben’s Chocolate – Port Moody

October 29th, 2012. Ruben's Chocolates      Ruben's Chocolates on Brew Street in the Sutterbrook complex of Port Moody has always been on my radar, but blame that being close often puts things off I'd never actually even been inside the place!  I guess the other reason for that is that they always seem to be closed … Continue reading Ruben’s Chocolate – Port Moody

Hawksworth Restaurant – Rosewood Hotel Georgia

August 22nd, 2011.  Foodie Weekend: Day 3           The most anticipated dinner of this fab weekend!  Okay, technically, this is a Monday...but it still counts as part of the Foodie Weekend!            Hawksworth Restaurant is one of Vancouver's newest jewels.  Part of the newly renovated Rosewood Hotel Georgia, it's downtown … Continue reading Hawksworth Restaurant – Rosewood Hotel Georgia

Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria – Edmonton, AB

May 27th, 2011. Delicious Pizza in Edmonton!       I made a stopover for a weekend in Edmonton before heading into Vancouver.  I figured I desereved a mini vacation before getting back into real life and I also wanted to spend some time with Nabil since I'd never really been able to support him in … Continue reading Famoso Neopolitan Pizzeria – Edmonton, AB

Yerba Buena – LES

February 24th, 2011. Dessert at Yerba Buena LES After eating amazing baos I wandered into Yerba Buena looking for some dessert.  The whole staff insisted that I had to try the Panqueque: dulce de leche crepe, spiced pumpkin seeds and pistachio.  I have to say, I loved the sticky caramelly dulce de leche inside the slightly … Continue reading Yerba Buena – LES