Ding Hao Noodle House

January 14th, 2012. Ding Hao Noodle House     Lunch at Ding Hao Noodle House! Haven't been back to this place in a while.... so I was interested to see how it would stack up to the memory of food I have from here. Honestly, the memory I had was not phneomenal....So here we go! … Continue reading Ding Hao Noodle House

Corner 23

July 28th, 2011.  Corner 23        After another fun evening of grass volleyball we headed out to Corner 23, a Taiwanese bubble tea joint on Cambie.  The great thing about these places are how afordable all the items are and it's pretty tasty, too!  I ordered the Eggplant & Pork in Hot Garlic Sauce.  … Continue reading Corner 23