A&W Spicy Guacamole Teen Burger

March 22nd, 2013. Spicy Guacamole Teen Burger~! I've driving by posters of a new limited time only A&W Spicy Guacamole Teen Burger.  Usually I don't do A&W but after my enthralling encounter with an A&W coke float last year and occasional good impressions of their burgers I've been warming up to A&W's fare.   Nab called me … Continue reading A&W Spicy Guacamole Teen Burger

Hot Chocolate at The Coquitlam Grill

February 19th, 2013.  The Coquitlam Grill       Been really loving on The Coquitlam Grill for the last little while.  Great neighborhood spot with a huge menu (lots of options!), fantastic breakfasts, decent lunch specials and just that great down-home feel. Solid food and reasonable service all add up to many repeat visits ;D … Continue reading Hot Chocolate at The Coquitlam Grill

Sunday Breakfast @ Ricky’s Restaurant

January 27th, 2013. Sunday Breakfast with Eunice       Breakfast food cravings are contagious!!  Eunice woke up with a massive cravings for Ricky's breakfast food and it didn't take long at all for it to be transferred to me!  Really no surprise though, since food is always on my mind and breakfast food is one of … Continue reading Sunday Breakfast @ Ricky’s Restaurant

Birthday BBQ @ Burgers Etc BBQ House

January 19th, 2013. Birthday BBQ          Now that the weekend's upon us time for a real birthday dinner!  I wasn't feeling like a large get-together, so it was literally Eunice, Howard, Chris, Rachel and myself,  What did I want to eat?  BBQ!!  Vegetarian I am not... LOL!         Originally I … Continue reading Birthday BBQ @ Burgers Etc BBQ House

Portage Bay Cafe – University District

October 23rd, 2012. Seattle Trip~!!         I love Portage Bay Cafe in the University District, so I suggested we go there for brunch before we started our day of errands and shopping.                 Nothing like some down home organic grub to start the day! I … Continue reading Portage Bay Cafe – University District

Milestones – Top Chef Canada Dessert

August 22nd, 2012. Milestones Lunch    So, I clearly had a lot on my plate with just being back from a long business trip and my grandma just having passed...but I still gotta eat. Yire and I had been estranged from the real world for so long...we figured we could use a day out so we … Continue reading Milestones – Top Chef Canada Dessert

A&W Somewhere in P.E.I.

August 12th, 2012. AllTV Korean Culture Caravan - Somewhere in P.E.I.       Thought we'd go try to do some grocery shopping for the next day....but apparantly in P.E.I. nobody stays open once dinner time hits.  Oh boo.... Instead we stopped at the A&W across the street where I was introduced to a Coke … Continue reading A&W Somewhere in P.E.I.

Grilling on The Road (Quebec City)

August 11th, 2012. AllTV Korean Culture Caravan - Quebec City, Quebec       The rain followed us to Quebec City but that wasn't going to dampen our mood!  With such an amazing venue centre stage at Place d'Youville, we were all seeing a diverse audience of tourists from all over the world!     … Continue reading Grilling on The Road (Quebec City)

Splitz Grill – Whistler Village

June 9th, 2012. Whistler Family Weekend~         After working up a big appetite from that hike we headed down to Whistler Village to have some lunch, explore the village and enjoy the sun 🙂             We heard that this place, Splitz Grill, is a well-known and well-loved … Continue reading Splitz Grill – Whistler Village

Red Robins – Guildford (Surrey)

May 20th, 2012. Sunday Lunch at Red Robins       I went to Relate for Sunday service and bumped into a couple friends, Sylvia and Mario...and we all thought we'd grab some lunch at Reb Robins and catch up 🙂         I went for the Popcorn Shrimp with Fries.  Pleasant surprise!  … Continue reading Red Robins – Guildford (Surrey)