El Azteca Modern Tequila Bar (Yaletown)

April 27th, 2013. Spring Break in Vancouver!       So what to do in Vancouver? Eat as much food as possible! Continuing on our food-cation in Vancouver: a bite in Yaletown at El Azteca Modern Tequila Lounge 😀     Sure, Yaletown can be hit and miss in terms of actual good food and compared … Continue reading El Azteca Modern Tequila Bar (Yaletown)

Alpha Global Sushi Bar

April 26th, 2013. Alpha Global Sushi Bar   In Vancouver you definitely have to have sushi!  It's a must. Like, really. I mean it! To kick off our spring break I took us to Alpha Global Sushi Bar. Yelp and other food reviews have almost always steered me in the right direction and I'd been … Continue reading Alpha Global Sushi Bar

Yew Seafood + Bar – Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver Downtown

March 16th, 2013. Fancy Time at Yew @ The Four Seasons  yew seafood + bar  After brunch with Joyce I rendezvoused with Tracy downtown.  It's been a while since Tracy was downtown with a gal-pal!  We strolled through Holt Renfrew trying on high-end shoes, and browsing the gorgeous and (some not so cute) haute couture bags … Continue reading Yew Seafood + Bar – Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver Downtown

Zakkushi on Denman (Vancouver Downtown)

March 2nd, 2013. Yum Time @ Zakkushi!!         After a bit of a social dry spell I was more than excited about an evening of eats with Richard to explore a place we'd heard so much about... Zakkushi on Denman!     Zakkushi is a Japanese Izakaya bar space that focuses on … Continue reading Zakkushi on Denman (Vancouver Downtown)

The Fish Shack

December 27th, 2012. The Fish Shack                A little holiday indulgence?  We definitely felt that it was well deserved on all our parts to do at least one dinner out downtown 🙂  Henry, Eunice and I all have birthdays in January, so this was kind of our pre-birthday siblings dinner … Continue reading The Fish Shack

Earls (Downtown Vancouver)

May 6th, 2012. Steak for Lunch at Earls Downtown         Despite being a gloriously sunny day the one downer was that my new friend Robert was flying back home to California today 😥  His contract work here done it was time to pack up and go.  Since I volunteered to drive him … Continue reading Earls (Downtown Vancouver)

Guilt & Co. (Gastown)

April 21st, 2012. Gastown: Guilt & Co.       Last night was so fun, everyone was so delighted to be hanging out and Brent was such a big hit that we thought we'd extend the fun right on to the next evening and add on some more friends for an even bigger party!   … Continue reading Guilt & Co. (Gastown)

Shibuya MGM Grand (Las Vegas)

April 15th, 2012. Vegas Business Trip Day 2           I was super stoked that we had dinner booked at Shibuya at the MGM Grand!  After walking by it several times already I could see that it would be right up my alley 😉           Seeing as it's Vegas it's no surprise … Continue reading Shibuya MGM Grand (Las Vegas)

Nagano Sushi (Coquitlam)

April 9th, 2012.  Nagano Sushi           Another meal at Nagano Sushi?  Sure, why not   Decent quality, interesting rolls, almost always delicious.                 Upon seeing the sushi on the bar I thought today I'd order some nigiri.               … Continue reading Nagano Sushi (Coquitlam)