Baby Birthday @ Vancouver Golf Club (Coquitlam)

April 14th, 2013. Baby Aiden & Destin's 1st Birthday~! Flown in from Singapore, Yoonchan Oppa and Yong Eun Unni had brought their little family to Vancouver so that they could celebrate their twins' 1st birthday with all the family and friends here in Vancouver! The Vancouver Golf Club was a really nice venue for them … Continue reading Baby Birthday @ Vancouver Golf Club (Coquitlam)

Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet

April 9th, 2013.  Pizza Buffet Pig Out! When was the last time you've done all you can eat pizza?  That's right, probably not in a long time 😉  We'd seen this sign come up recently and being the Pizza Hut die-hards that we are it didn't take any arm twisting on my part to convince … Continue reading Pizza Hut Lunch Buffet

Let’s Give Thanks!

October 7th, 2012.  Thanksgiving Sunday  It's already Thanksgiving again?  It kinda snuck up on us this year and without any real plans it would have been easy to just pass it by...but at the very last minute Eunice decided that we should celebrate with our own homemade dinner.  Despite all the hard stuff that has been … Continue reading Let’s Give Thanks!

Monica’s Bridal Shower – Catering by John Sunwoo Ryu

October 6th, 2012. Monica's Bridal Shower~   As Monica's bridesmaids Meliza, Rina and I had a fun time meeting up at McDonalds for coffee and planning the bridal shower, among other things.  We decided we'd have it at Rina's home and John Ryu even offered to cater for the event!  Yay! We spent the night before … Continue reading Monica’s Bridal Shower – Catering by John Sunwoo Ryu

Eliza & Ace Tie The Knot ♥ (Vancouver Law Courts Reception)

May 26th, 2012. Eliza & Ace's Wedding       My sweet Eliza finally getting married to her 1st love! Despite their many ups and downs in the end they found their way back to each other and are finally tying the knot! Happiest bride ever and luckiest groom ever!     I never knew … Continue reading Eliza & Ace Tie The Knot ♥ (Vancouver Law Courts Reception)

Novotel Dinner Buffet – Ha Long Bay

November 22nd, 2011. Ha Long Bay, Night 2~         It's our final evening in Ha Long Bay and we wanted to do it up by hitting the dinner buffet ;D             There was a nice cheese and cracker/bread spread that I just couldn't pass up 🙂   … Continue reading Novotel Dinner Buffet – Ha Long Bay

Novotel Hotel – Breakfast Buffet

November 22nd, 2011. Good Morning, Ha Long Bay~       The breakfast buffet spread at Novotel Hotel? Fantastic!!!       Cereal and Fruit Cocktails~!       Waffle bar~         Salad bar           A full Pho spread And best of all, a Congee bar!!!  So, so delicious~!! … Continue reading Novotel Hotel – Breakfast Buffet

Windsor Plaza Hotel – Ho Chi Minh City (Breakfast)

November 20th, 2011. Hello Vietnam~~~   I wake up to my first morning in Vietnam and look out the window.'s definitely not Vancouver!  A little bit smoggy, no doubt from the thousands of motorcycles that swarm the streets every day and night.  That's probably one of the craziest things I've seen.  A country where … Continue reading Windsor Plaza Hotel – Ho Chi Minh City (Breakfast)

Richmond Night Market

June 12th, 2011.  Richmond Night Market!!     Of the highlights of summer in Vancouver are the various night markets.  Of those the Richmond Night Market is probably the most popular.  With tons of stalls with cheap "made in China" merchandise on one half and a vast plethora of Asian eats on the other half, RNM is … Continue reading Richmond Night Market

Blue Fin (AYCE)

March 13th, 2010. Blue Fin All-You-Can-Eat Buffet!       Henry convinced me that Family Day is more important than Bible study.  God, I hope you remember that..LOL!  Well...that, and Mom tempted me with the promise of upscale seafood AYCE at Blue, yeah.... how could I say no???!     We stopped by at Seattle Premium Outlet, … Continue reading Blue Fin (AYCE)