Vancouver is a plethora of great places to eat.  Seems 3 new places spring up everyday….!  My list of places to eat never seems to get shorter…join me in enjoying all these great eats!  I always welcome eating partners 😉

-jenn ♥-

13 thoughts on “About

      1. I totally thought jenn c. was my other friend in LA and I was like wait a min…Jenn isnt the type to have a blog and then i thought who do I know that loves food and writing about food? hahah

  1. I love your blog!

    You or so good at describing how the food is and what to expect.

    Not to mention you know how to use a camera as well, how do you get those great shots, lots of practice. I look forward to reading more and going to these places that are all over the place!

  2. Anneyonghaseyo,

    I just discovered your blog. I love food and korean dramas so I was very excited to be here. Also, you’re a local. How awesome. I hope to learn more about korean food and culture through your blog.

    You have a diverse selection of categories, so I am sure I will enjoy reading them and adding to my list of to try places.

    1. hi, holly! thanks for following 😀 I don’t have many posts on Korean restaurants in Vancouver, but I hope you find something helpful and in the meantime have fun taking a peek into my eating journey~ 😀

      1. That’s ok if you don’t post much about korean restaurants. I’m also interested in the tidbits of korean culture that you share thorough your stories about family and life. My parents immigrated to Canada and it’s always fascinating to learn how other families/children navigate the social/cultural divide between eastern and western society..

        I also love the cook offs at your church. That looks like fun.

        Take care.

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