Genmai-Matcha Latte @ DAVIDsTEA

February 21st, 2013.  Matcha Latte @ DAVIDsTEA 



I never really used to be one to add milk to my teas, but since working at DAVIDsTEA and realizing the true amazingness of the world of tea lattes I’ve been going latte crazy!  Inspired by the Brown Rice Green Tea Latte at Bubble World, I thought I’d try to make something similar at work 🙂



This particular concoction is 2 perfect DAVIDsTEA spoons of Genmaicha and 1 shot of Matcha Matsu with frothed Soy Milk with a good dose of agave for sweetner.

The sweet toasted rice flavor of the Genmaicha with the brightness of the Matcha and the milk bringing balance to the cup….Ahhhh, perfection!  Just call me the Latte Master 😉


4 thoughts on “Genmai-Matcha Latte @ DAVIDsTEA

  1. Your green tea latte sounds delicious. I paid 3 dollars? for a cup of matcha matsu and totally felt ripped off. It was my first experience at DAVIDs TEA too. I had 1 scoop of matcha and it was pretty much water and soy. I thought I was gonna get a latte. I ended up dumping my cup :(. Is there an additional charge for more matcha?

    1. Where did you get yours made? If you didn’t like it you totally could have told the person who made it and I’m certain they would have remade it or made you something else you might like! And you do have to clarify that you want a latte rather than just a hot tea with milk.

      Again, I make a great latte and matchas are dear to my heart, so if you are ever in the guildford mall/surrey neighborhood get me to make you one! 😀

  2. I purchased mine at Pacific Centre. I always feel guilty asking someone to remake my drink. LOL. Good to know if i’m ever around the area (which is never) I’ll should stop by 🙂

    1. well, definitely don’t be shy about asking for a drink to be remade..better than throwing it out! i know pacific centre can be extremely hectic, but they will not hesitate to make sure you’re happy 🙂

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