Lunch @ La Spaghetteria (New Westminster)

February 19th, 2013.  Luncheon @ La Spaghetteria (New West)

la spaghetteria
la spaghetteria




  I was meeting a couple former colleagues at Spaghetteria for lunch.  It had been a while since I’d last seen them and Ms. V had coupons to this place located on New West’s foodie street aka 6th Street.

la spaghetteria
la spaghetteria





  This is obviously an older establishment on this well loved street and when I arrived I was almost lost because the store front was going through some renovations.  But find it I did.

la spaghetteria
la spaghetteria



 The interior definitely could use an update what with the sun faded plastic table cloths, the dusty looking vases and fake flowers.  Everything about the place reads out-dated…including the food.  I wasn’t wowed by the obviously frozen seafood in the pasta, the bland  sauces and the “meh” single-noted-ness of the dishes.  


la spaghetteria
la spaghetteria





I hope that with all the renos they also update the food!

(Mocha Latte)


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