Milestones – Top Chef Canada Dessert

August 22nd, 2012. Milestones Lunch 

milestones - robson
milestones – robson

20120822151657 - milestones


So, I clearly had a lot on my plate with just being back from a long business trip and my grandma just having passed…but I still gotta eat.

Yire and I had been estranged from the real world for so long…we figured we could use a day out so we hit up Milestones downtown on Robson with Eunice for a little lunch 🙂


The meal itself was fine, but what I really wanted to try (and talk about) was the Top Chef Canada inspired treat, the Apple Bacon Tart with Blue Cheese Cream.  Let me tell you: the tart? Dry, dry, dry.  Dry tart, dry apples, dry bacon; could have used some sort of glaze to liven it up…but the blue cheese cream?  Quite nice!  Fresh, light, whipped, and cool, I quite liked that component.  Lackluster tart, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat it!  Come on’ya’ll….it’s apple, bacon and blue cheese!


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