Midam Cafe

April 5th, 2012. Midam Cafe

midam cafe
midam cafe


It had been a while since Yumi and I caught up, so we decided to do it over eats at Midam Cafe.  Nothing makes catching up better than eating while catching up~!

I ordered a full meal of what the menu called “떡갈비” roughly translated to Rice Cake Beef Ribs.  Galbi refers to beef short ribs, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.  Hmmmm….well, what came out was veeeeeery interesting…..!  Ground beef wrapped in a sheet of rice cake?  Hmmm…..  Can anybody tell me if this is what it’s supposed to be?  Honestly, I blind-ordered, so I don’t know what it’s actually supposed to look like.

midam cafe
midam cafe




I thought it was a bit odd…and the rice cake was not super pliable or soft while the beef was a bit bland and dry…but I loved that my meal came with one of my side dishes, steamed egg!!  YUM!

Apart from the main star of the meal, I thought everything else was great as supporting actors.  I think Midam is a nice place to go to, although slighty over-priced, they do some things great, like desserts and porridges and side dishes.  AAnd for those, I’d come back 🙂


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