La Taqueria (Pinche Taco Shop) – Fairview

November 12, 2012

March 12th, 2012. La Taqueria~

la taqueria (fairview slopes)

la taqueria (fairview slopes)



Yay!!  I was out on assignment in the Fairview Slopes flying solo covering a demonstration being made nearby the Chinese Consulate in protest of the Chinese government releasing North Korean refugees back to North Korea.

la taqueria (fairview slopes)

la taqueria (fairview slopes)



Figured I should just grab lunch while I’m in the area, so I chose La Taqueria on Broadway and Cambie!  Finally, a chance to satiate my Mexican food craving!  Eric was kind enough to join me for my Mexican lunch break 🙂  Pinche Tacos, baby, pinche tacos!

la taqueria (fairview slopes)

la taqueria (fairview slopes)




I opted for the 4 meat tacos for $9.50.  From bottom left clockwise: Tinga de Pollo (chicken with chorizo in a chipotle tomato sauce topped with mexican cheese and sour cream), Pollo Con Mole (Maple Hills chicken with chocolate mole sauce), Al Pastor (pork marinated in achiote chilli and pineapple), and Carnitas (pork confit with pickled red onions).

la taqueria (fairview slopes)

la taqueria (fairview slopes)


I loved the Pollo Con Mole because the mole sauce was so delicious!  Sweet, deeply chocolatey and still savory.  The Tinge de Pollo was great with the cheese and sour cream topping.  The Al Pastor also had that sweet-savory thing going with the pineapples.  Lovely pork!  I thought the Carnitas fell a bit short in flavor, which was sad since it’s one of my favorite types of tacos.

All in all a very satisfying lunch despite a few minor disappointments, such as the lack of cilantro, onions and radishes.  But hey, I’d come back 😉


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