Mink Chocolates (Morgan Crossing)

March 9th, 2012. Mink Chocolates

mink chocolates
mink chocolates


Wow, my Trinity Western ladies all back together in Vancouver…what a dream! Alina Unni and Tina just moved back to Vancouver after many years in Korea. Haemi Unni from Yaletown, Christine from Mission, Tracy Unni from White Rock, Alina Unni from Langley and Tina and I from Port Moody all got together in South Surrey for a reunion!

mink chocolates
mink chocolates





After dinner at Kami Sushi in the new Morgan Crossing neighborhood Tracy suggested we go to her favorite spot Mink Chocolates for coffee. I’ve always wanted to try it since I’d heard such good reviews…so I was very easily persuaded 😉

mink chocolates
mink chocolates





The place has these beautiful hand crafted artists chocolates as well as regular squares of chocolate.  They offer some baked goods as well as a variety of waffles and even a fondue option.

mink chocolates
mink chocolates




We ordered a variety of drinks.  While they are on the expensive side I heard enthusiastic comments about how the Americano is the best they’ve ever had.  I had the Hot Chocolate (Milk) and thought it was quite nice.  I would have liked the chocolate flavor to come through a bit more and be a little richer, but hey, at least they use real chocolate instead of powder!


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