Samgyupsal Party~!

November 6, 2012

February 17th, 2012. Samgypsal Party~

samgyupsal party

samgyupsal party





In honor of us siblings all being together again Eunice initiated an at-home samgyupsal party!  Yes, that’s right.  Korean bacon, pork belly…aka Samgyupsal!

samgyupsal party

samgyupsal party








Bring out the Bluestar, put down the newspaper…and bring on the meat pants!

samgyupsal party

samgyupsal party








Eunice went to special lengths making delicious spicy green onions and even some bean paste stew to go with our meal.  She’s so amazing!

samgyupsal party

samgyupsal party









Mmmmm~~ sizzling pork belly, spicy greens, delicious soup and pure rice….what a great dinner!!


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