Pulmuone Photoshoot – Nature is Delicious!

January 6th, 2012. Ramen Photo Shoot: Pulmuone Nature is Delicious!

pulmuone photoshoot
pulmuone photoshoot





It’s for work, I swear! We took an afternoon at the office to do a photoshoot with the new “healthy” ramen that Pulmuone just came out with.  I brought a bunch of kitchen equipment from home and proceeded to make a big pot of instant ramen 🙂

pulmuone photoshoot
pulmuone photoshoot






After the shoot, of course we got to eat!  I’d say the ramen is okay and the broth has good depth of flavor.  But the noodles take longer to cook.  I found that the normal 2~3 minutes still had the noodles not quite tender.

pulmuone photoshoot
pulmuone photoshoot







Not deep fried+all natural ingredients=more healthy for the same delicious!


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