New Years’ Dawn at Denny’s ;)

January 1st, 2012. Breaking New Year’s Dawn Ritual at Denny’s





Despite a brief Denny’s boycott we’d had due to being kicked out for no good reason years ago we’ve inched back in. Because really, in a place like Langley, which is literally a suburb of a suburb, there’s nowhere else to go late at night except Denny’s!




And of course, we MUST have our traditional New Year’s breakfast at Denny’s after New Years Eve midnight service. Yes, we complain that the food is not healthy and the service is hit and miss…not to mention we are such a large party, which can be hard to seat….but I know deep down inside we love it






Sure it’s 3am in the morning, but eat we must!  And when you’re with such great friends how can you feel guilty about what’s going into my tummy 😉

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